5 Tips to Make Drinking Natural Wine Even More Enjoyable

If you’ve never tried drinking natural wine before, you may not be aware of the terminology and classifications that are used to talk about these types of wines. In order to help you learn more about them and get the most enjoyment out of them, here are five tips for how to drink natural wines. Be sure to read the full article for much more information about how to enjoy this type of wine to the fullest.

1) Choose the Right Glass

The shape of the glass you use will affect how your wine smells and tastes, so make sure you choose a glass that’s best suited for the type of wine you’re drinking. For example, white wines are best served in a glass with wide openings because it allows for more air exposure and aerates the wine as it is swirled around. In contrast, red wines taste better when served in a smaller-mouthed glass because it helps concentrate all the flavours from the wine.

2) Store It Properly

Store natural wine in a cool and dark place. Temperature fluctuations can cause the cork to dry out and crack, which will lead to oxidization. Exposure to light will also change the flavour of wine, so make sure you store it out of direct sunlight. If you find yourself with leftover wine from a party or gathering, don’t be afraid to freeze it! This is an easy way to protect your wine from spoiling and even help keep the flavours fresh longer.

3) Let It Breathe

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Allow your wine to breathe before drinking. This will allow the wine to open and release its aromas. Pour a small amount of wine in a glass or decanter, swirl it for 20 seconds, then let it rest for about 10 minutes before serving.  If you’re enjoying a bottle of wine with dinner, be sure to pour each glass as soon as you finish eating so that you can enjoy the full flavour. And finally, drink slowly! If you’re too focused on gulping down your drink quickly, it might be because you don’t like the taste – so take more time between sips and really savour what’s in your glass!

4) Serve at the Right Temperature

It’s important to serve natural wine at the right temperature. Too cold, and it will taste dull and lifeless; too warm and it will smell like vinegar.  The optimum serving temperature is 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight to avoid spoiling its flavour. Pour into a glass that has a deep bowl for optimal aeration. Lightly swirl your glass before drinking so that air can mix with the wine, which helps release volatile aromas. Finally, be patient when you’re opening a new bottle. Natural wines need time to breathe before drinking them, so they don’t taste vinegary or spoiled!

5) Drink What You Like

It’s important that you know what you like so that you don’t waste time and money drinking a wine that isn’t worth your time. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what type of wine you should drink, but it’s important for you find out what works best for your palate. It will take some experimenting, but once you find the perfect balance, your taste buds will thank you.